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Building an enduring company can be a gruelling journey for any start-up hence our involvement to take that layer of burden off the start-ups.

Our hands-on approach means we are directly involved in the entire business process for the long term. From developing ideas to running hypotheses and then building prototypes, we deploy in-house resources who are specialists to help ensure that excellence is maintained throughout.

We are there for the proverbial highs and lows, sharing in every achievement and set-back.

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Tech innovation leaders in

We are the ‘Venture Builder’ business of one of Africa’s largest financial services ecosystems in Nigeria and are focused on digital technologies that have the potential to fundamentally improve lives. Our ecosystem is renowned for innovation and agility in building successful businesses.

Combining entrepreneurial execution, technological capabilities and diverse exceptional talent. We continuously challenge the status quo to reshape the way technology impacts the financial markets specifically and the larger society more broadly.